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Client Reviews...

Working with Chris is Great!

"Thank you for handling everything in a very prompt and professional manner. I will absolutely recommend family and friends." 
- Aly Z.

They Know their Stuff...

"Chris is honest, knowledgeable and fabulous. Estate planning can be a tough subject and this man knows his stuff and how to get you a personalized plan that works best for you and your family. Strongly recommend Chris and CMS law firm!" 
- Chelsea M.


"Chris and his staff made estate planning feel effortless. Friendly and knowledgeable! Highly recommend!" 
- Fae S.

Breath of Fresh Air...

"Chris was prompt and on point with my questions. He was quick to respond, broke down the information I needed into easy, understandable topics and gave me direction for next steps that were straight forward. In an environment and field that doesn't often lend itself to helpful people or simple solutions, Chris is a breath of fresh air." 
- Jason R.
An Overview of the Process...
This is a general outline. Time from start to finish is on average 6 months...
1. Letters of Administration
2. Creditor Claim Period
3. Inventory of Assets/Taxes
4. Distribution of Assets/Closing
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